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Career Re-entry Program

Women Restart will partner with you to plan, execute, and assess a Career Re-entry Program specific to your requirements. The Returnee Program attracts and supports experienced women professionals, including your ex-employees who have taken a career break due to Marriage, Maternity, Relocation or Elderly care. Whether you are targeting 5, 10 or 20 returnees, we will help you to design and deliver a a programme tailored to your needs and objectives.

Highlights of our Returnee programme:
  • A detailed Plan for 8 to 12 weeks planned and agreed with Hiring Manager
  • Special orientation, briefings on changes in the industry during candidates’ absence from it
  • Workshops in confidence building, assertiveness.
  • Interactive session with the organization’s senior leadership.
  • Induction with immediate managers to enable the managers to see the candidate's seriousness in resuming their career
  • High-performing employees who took time off during their own careers are identified as role models
  • Re-modelling of organization's existing internship programme for Returning professionals instead of creating the program from ground zero.
  • Supporting Returning Professionals at each stage of the transition process and beyond.

Returnee Coaching & Workshops

We provide a tailored Returnee Coaching Program for returning professionals. Our expertise in coaching women returners enables us to address their psychological and practical challenges. We offer them support to facilitate a smooth and sustainable transition into the corporate. This increases their participation and satisfaction of returning professionals.  This also maximises the possibility of a permanent hire resulting in higher conversion.

As part of a re-starter program, it can be run one-to-one, in a group format or as a mix of the two. The Program can be provided to your alumni or external hires returning after a career break.

Access to Returning Professionals

Through Women Restart's Professional Network, you get access to the high-calibre and hard-to-reach women professionals on a career break. This largely untapped pool of highly-qualified, experienced and motivated women is readily accessible and willing to rejoin the workforce at no notice period. We engage with these women through our social media network and our strong and developing links with parents’ networks and alumnae groups of leading universities and business schools.

If you prefer not to run a returnee program, you can still promote your organisation’s interest with the returning women by signing up as a Women Restarter's Partner/Preferred Employer. We will enable you to access women on Career breaks in a variety of ways. We will feature your organization on Women Restarter's Professional Network & Website. We will customize the promotional package as per your requirement.

Returnee Events

We offer event partnership tailored for specific needs of your Organization. Some of the Event Sponsorship options are:

  • Annual event specific to Career Re-entry Initiatives
  • Dedicated returner events
  • Part of broader-format events
  • Tailored returner events, linked to hiring opportunities
  • Returning Women Hackathon & Job Fairs

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