15 Dos and don’ts during your job interview

15 Dos and don’ts during your job interview

There is no formula to clear an interview but we have put together some do's and don'ts that are sure to help.

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  1. Cell phone off. Do this before you even enter the interview room!
  2. Be polite. Use “Please” and “Thank you” whenever appropriate.
  3. Show eagerness. You will probably hear something along the lines of “Thank you, and we will or may get back to you once we’ve made our decision.” Tell them “Thank you for the interview and opportunity” that you are eager to hear about their decision as soon as possible! This action suggests you’re confident the interview went well. Hey, you can even respond to their email or Message Box (if they communicated with you this way) thanking them for the interview and once again stating your eagerness to hear about their decision.
  4. Sit straight but be always comfortable. Make eye contact with your interviewer but don’t stare him or her down. Focus on the interview and don’t look at too many other things, because it makes you look like an unfocused person.
  5. Sit still. Avoid fidgeting, shaking your knees, scratching your leg or head, because it makes you look nervous and thus unprepared.
  6. Avoid an argument. Never argue with your interviewer. You can disagree, but don’t argue.
  7. Interact. If there is more than one interviewer, pay more attention to the interviewer who is asking you questions, but make sure you also look at the other person in the room from time to time.
  8. Don’t scratch your nose or something before answering questions because it might seem you’re lying. But really: don’t lie. That way, you won’t have the impulse to scratch your nose in the first place.
  9. Keep a tidy table. Never put your papers, certificates, or bags on your interviewer’s table. You can put them on your lap.
  10. Avoid chewing gum or eating. Don’t drink alcohol and don’t smoke cigarettes before the interview.
  11. Speak out loud and confidently. Don’t be shy, you need to convince them you’re the best candidate for the job.
  12. Don’t just answer “Yes” or “No”. You should explain the reason behind your answer whenever possible.
  13. Ask if you don’t understand. If you don’t understand a question, don’t be scared or shy to request your interviewer to say it again. But be polite. You can say like “Could you please say it again?” Or “Would you mind telling me again?”
  14. Avoid saying simply “I don’t know.” You can say “I’m sorry, I don’t know the answer to that question” instead of saying “I don’t know”.
  15. Avoid using slang, informal words or broken English. Be polite. For example, use “I’d like to“ instead of using “I want to”.


And above all BE CONFIDENT! If you know the industry well, it will show. To refresh your skills, take one our Online Course today!!

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