99tests – A software Tester’s community

99tests – A software Tester’s community

Organisations today realise that when it comes to software testing, a collective effort from people working across locations on a single project is better than the traditional method of testing. Therefore Crowdsourced testing which is the only testing process that offers real-time feedback on product development is here to stay.  Crowdsourced testing is carried out by a number of different testers from different places. The software is tested under diverse realistic platforms, which makes it more reliable, cost-effective and free of bugs.


Research firm Nelson Hall revealed that the independent software testing industry is poised for 9.5% growth until 2018 and one of the main contributors to this growth is Crowdsourced Testing which is rapidly proving to be a game changer in this industry.

In 2010, realising the massive growth potential for crowdsourced software testing, Praveen Singh founded 99tests which is truly redefining the software testing industry in India. This company provides on-demand access to freelance software testers. The testers get an opportunity to sharpen their skills and at the same time get paid for projects from anywhere in the world based on their skill level. They test for various platforms such as mobile, web and tablets and support range of testing types such as functionality, security and performance testing. The platform helps clients create testing plans according to their specialised testing needs.

Software Tester’s Community

Apps of today are highly user centric. Quality user experience is at the heart of an app’s success story. For implementing continues app improvements, companies need to equip their development team with regular testing insights. You need a clear understanding of the user expectation, behaviour and pattern. To get real insights, you have to recreate test scenarios with real users in real time on real devices using real platforms. Something that crowd testing platforms can deliver.

With expertise in crowdsourced testing, 99test is a software testing platform that targets companies and individuals who want to test their software products. Today, 99tests has helped over 200+ clients with a pool of more than 20000 testers from across 160+ countries. It also provides a platform for software testers to network, learn and grow their professional skills.

How does crowdsourced testing works?

99tests, crowd testing platform, basically enables companies to test apps by location, by device configurations and target demographics with a global team of professional testers. While clients on the platform enjoy the benefit of fast and economical testing solutions, testers get the chance to hone their skills and earn through paid projects from anywhere in the world. This is especially beneficial to women testers as they get the flexibility to work on a freelance or part-time basis based on the time that they can allocate for the projects. By capitalising on the flexibility to choose and work on any number of projects, women testers can increase their earnings while working on interesting software projects from all over the world.

The 99tests software tester’s community is notified of the available projects as per the client requirements. Registered testers with matching domain expertise can then choose and sign up for the projects that they are interested in. Each project on the platform thus gets a team of crowd testers from various locations. Testers can work on their software testing projects from anywhere in the world. Some testers also choose to act as validators for the project. The bugs logged by the crowd testers are validated by these crowdsourced validators before final submission to the client. The final bugs approved by the client are considered in the final count of valid bugs which is counted for making the final payment to the testers. The payments for projects at 99tests depends on the complexity of the project and the amount fixed for the test reports. The amount is paid online every month via PayU or Paypal accounts of the testers.

In addition to the opportunity to work on paid testing projects from across the globe, 99tests conducts bug-a-thons and other skills enhancing contests for its testers/ freelancers. There are monetary prizes for top testers as well as prizes in the form of testing tools which can help them build their skills sets. This ensures that clients can get the best service possible by benefiting from testers with the correct skill level and it is a huge benefit for testers as these activities can help them hone their skills.

The perks, skills building activities, competitive compensation, challenging projects and flexible work hours make 99tests a very attractive company to work with. All these benefits make 99tests stand apart; and it has therefore managed to build a network of passionate and talented testers. The core strength of the company lies in its network of testers which is expected to grow even further in the coming days.

Benefits for women in software testing

99tests has a wide variety of testing projects requiring skill sets from beginner level to advanced level. Women testers can choose projects as per their domain expertise, interest and availability of time. 99tests platform also includes a Tester’s hub for sharing updates on QA projects, discussions and links about the latest happenings in software testing industry. Many testers have used the platform to hone their testing skills, connect with testers from different countries and upgrade their professional skills. The key benefits for women testers include the following:

Flexibility to choose projects: By joining a community of skilled testers, women testers can work on diverse testing projects and choose paid projects as per their skill set & interests.

Freedom to be your own boss: Crowd testers at 99tests enjoy the freedom of being their own boss. They can work at their convenient time from anywhere in the world.

Increase income: Testers can maximize their earnings by working on highly paid projects most suited to their skill set.

Network with a global testing community: By registering as a crowd tester at 99tests, women testers can become a part of a global network of talented software testers. Their current community is 20,000+ strong with testers from over 160+ countries. Testers can build their professional network like never before.

Win awesome prizes: Women testers can also participate in their contests and stand a chance to win attractive prizes.

99tests thus offers women testers the opportunity to explore and work on global software testing projects while allowing the flexibility they need to manage their work life balance. Testers can work on paid software testing projects from anywhere in the world without the hassles of commute. They can also participate in skill enhancing contests with other talented testers from all over the world. By providing a platform to connect with global software testers and work on latest apps, the 99tests platform provides women testers opportunities  to build their professional network and grow in their career as a software tester.

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