Career Changers/ Career Re-starters… Where to start?

Career Changers/ Career Re-starters… Where to start?

Are you trying Internet to help you with Career Change or to Restart your career. Well, that might not be a great idea... Read on for Best Advice.

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There’s no doubting that the internet has revolutionized the world of work. People everywhere are finding out new ideas, interacting with co-workers across continents, and running entire businesses from a laptop. We turn to the internet for answers to our all our questions (be it our biggest or our smallest question), and it’s brought people together in an incredible way.

But it might not be true for Career Changers/ Career Re-starters.

Let's first see Why do you use Internet for Career Change..

1. You think you’ll land your dream job
You spend hours on Job sites. Now look at these figures - career experts estimate that 75% of jobs are never advertised.

And as a career changer, there is a fundamental disadvantage when you’re playing the job-ad game. There are better ways of finding your perfect match.
That doesn’t mean you couldn’t be a perfect match for the job, or that the people recruiting for the position wouldn’t take a chance on you. It just means the traditional job-searches are designed in a way that it’s both disheartening for a career-changer to look at and much tougher for you to land a spot at an interview.

2. It makes you feel like you’re taking some action

When you’re confused and stuck in a thought and don’t know which way to turn, searching for anything and everything about change in career makes you feel as though you’ve at least done something constructive. You can’t stand the thought of doing the same job six months from now and you hate complaining about your job without doing anything about it. So you decide to do some research. That’s the first step, right?

But browsing articles endlessly doesn’t actually change anything about your situation. You feel like you’ve done something to further your career change, but when you are done with browsing, you’re actually in the same place you were in when you sat down.

What should you do Instead?

For a long time, you’ve thought about doing work that makes a social impact, and you love writing, so you’re considering writing for social causes. You don’t have any experience in the field, but the thought of volunteering sounds ‘a bit difficult’ right now, so you spend a few hours researching social jobs instead. Sound at all familiar?

So what should you be doing instead? Wouldn’t it be easier just to Google a little more?

We would rather recommend you to meet new people and network. Meet people in the field of your interest. Take an Online Course. Speak to someone in the field.

Next time when you are tempted to Google your way around your career change, ask yourself: could I do something more active instead?

There are three very simple, alternative ways to get informed, get connected, and get started with your career change faster. Which could you try next time you’re tempted to slide back in front of the computer?

1. Test your skills in the real world

What’s the smallest thing you can actually do to test your skills in the real world? Getting your hands dirty will be the best way to find out if it works out for you.

Considering becoming a digital marketer? Find a start-up who would be interested in digital marketing and offer to intern with them for a month.

Interested in Organic Gardening and working outdoors? Look for a organic food vendor - offer to volunteer with them. Even if you have a day to spare, they’ll be more than happy to welcome an extra pair of hands.

Dream of becoming a content writer? Start writing blogs as a guest blogger for websites like, and so on. This way, you’ll know if it’s likely to be a good fit for your skills and as per your preferences, and by the end of it you’ll be ready with an impressive portfolio to show to an editor.

By just reading about a career online, you will never get clear picture of it. But by trying out a career idea, you’ll discover if the role fits you and whether you even enjoy it.

2. Have a conversation with a real person

Seeking out people who already do the work you want to do is the quickest (and best) way to an honest, balanced and ultimately useful information.

Look through your personal and professional network to find someone who works in the field you’re interested in. You may need to ask someone whom you know to get you introduced with someone else in that profession, but even a distant connection will often be more fruitful than you expect. Ask if you can assist them for a day, or even simply meet up to find out more about what they do all day.

If you have a good conversation with somebody who is in that profession, they may likely want to help you, whether you’re qualified for a job or not. Maybe they can put you in touch an amazing organisation you’ve never heard of.

3. Take an Online Course

An Online Course in the field of your choice will tell you much more than reading articles on Internet. Spend a few hours a week to learn everything about your new career and then put it to use.


So start a conversation with our Career Experts. Contact Us today or explore different Career Options. Take one of our Free courses in the field of your interest. We are sure, we can help!

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