Are you wanted back?

Are you wanted back?

Women Restarters - Are you Wanted Back?

Are you looking to re-enter the professional workforce and restart your career, do you find it extremely difficult—if not impossible. You are not alone!! But let us assure you that YOU ARE WANTED BACK.


Companies are facing a shortage of experienced talent and promoting restarters. At the same time, 43% of highly educated and professional women with children are leaving their careers or are temporarily taking a break.

Businesses can help close the job-skills gap and support strong women leaders to get back to their career by building clear and concrete pathways for women. These new pathways, along with programs that provide the professional training necessary to return to work with skills and renewed confidence, create a system where everyone wins.

Unfortunately, not all businesses have restarter programs in place aimed at hiring and supporting returning women. When you’re ready to make the first step back into the workforce, Women Restart will do all it takes to make this journey smooth. Read more about how to Restart your Career after a Break.

Here are some tips for Women Restarters:

1. Update your skills and knowledge of what is driving business decisions today. The more you understand the latest concepts, the more likely you are to get hired. Identify your Strengths to determine the kind of work you can excel at and where there are opportunities today. Make a new start about you and what you love doing. The world around us are changing at a very fast pace and there is a strong need for every restarter to Reinvent. Read more about reinventing in A new Career and a new You.

2. Willingness to learn The job you left five or 10 years ago might not exist today, but there are many new jobs requiring new skills with new titles. Show the employer that you are willing to learn. Many women restarter look out for jobs which provide them more family friendly working hours. This gives them further opportunity to explore new avenues as a Second Career. Read more about some of the popular second career choice for women restarters.

3. Look for opportunities to engage with other women like you who will share their stories and skills, and help build each other up to get back into the workforce. Collective intelligence research shows that Women Teams outperform men only team. There is tremendous power in women working together. Join the conversation in our FB Group - Women Restart

4. Take help from CV Experts. Consider working with experts who can help you put your best self forward. Update your presence in social media, and fill resume time gaps with new content, personality and perspectives that showcase your current professional relevance.

Take our 3 week Online Restarter Program today. Equip yourself with all aspects of restarter grooming, confidence building, interview skills, refining resume & Linkedin Profile. It will enable you to assess your current employability level and bridge the gap in terms of corporate expectations.


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Globally there is need for experienced, educated, professional women talent to fill jobs is real, and it will continue to grow. It’s time for us to take charge and unleash our full potential.

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