How to become a fitness or nutrition expert

How to become a fitness or nutrition expert


Available Jobs
JobCurrently as an average we have around 500 open jobs as a Fitness/Nutrition expert.

Starting Salary
rupee1600If you are working a couple of hours every day for 20 days in a month, you can expect 20K to 30K.

Expected Average Salary
arrow_21-128 As an Industry average you can get a hike of 15% for next few years.

How to become Fitness or Nutrition Coach

Fitness is an exciting, fast-moving & emerging sector. Have you noticed a new gym coming up in your neighborhood literally every month. And hence industry desperately needs fitness and nutrition coaches.

There are new fitness and nutrition trends every day. The industry is changing all the time, meaning you will constantly be learning. This is a career with excellent long-term prospects and great flexibility.

What does a Fitness or Nutrition Coach do?
What are the requirements to become a Fitness Instructor or a Nutrition Consultant?
What's it really like?

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