Content Writing as a Career Option for Women

Content Writing as a Career Option for Women

Content Writing as a Career Option for Women

They say “The pen is mightier than the sword” and aptly so. Content has changed the face of digital marketing globally and has become an important tool for brand building today. It is not only an enabler for brands but also individuals looking to voice opinions on multiple subjects. Content writing as a career option too has opened avenues for many. It is the most desired job for those who want to be partially employed and financially independent. Whether it’s married women with X number of free hours to devote or new mothers looking to take a fresh start in their career, or even a student looking to make some extra bucks, Content writing seems to be a perfect fit for all.


From being a mere hobby to a full time profession, blogging in India has come a long way. It is in fact one of the most lucrative careers as it not only gives sheer uninhibited joy that one derives from writing but is also a truly rewarding career.


KAARYAH being a fashion destination for ALL women wanting to look great, actively engages with bloggers and Content writers. KAARYAH being a BFF to women uses Content to drive conversations with them on multiple platforms. Here are few examples of who could be a Content writer for us!

The Corporate Homemaker

Those are two words that you have probably never seen together but with Content writing on the rise, being a corporate homemaker is totally possible. For women who have opted out of their full time corporate jobs to manage home but are also career driven, part time Content writing is the “best fit”.

The Pregnant Workaholic

Freelance Content writing is also a great option for women who are expecting and may have ample time at their disposal. It is the best way to not let your pregnancy come in your way of being productive and occupied.

The Travel Junkie

Working is now possible for all the free spirits who were born to travel and not settle at one spot. The best part about Content is that all it demands is a laptop and internet. So Content writing is perhaps the best way to satiate your “wander lust” and be financially sound.

The Master of Words

If you feel you were born to write and that’s what keeps you content (pun intended), this is perhaps your best bet. Getting paid for what we love to do does not happen to everyone!

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