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Machine Learning Specialist  Course by JIGSAW ACADEMY

This specialization will prepare you for the role of a Machine learning specialist. It gives a brief idea of mathematical preliminaries, and gives an introduction to R programming language, which is popular language to do machine learning. Concepts of linear and logistic regression are introduced with examples. Then algorithms like Naive-Bayesian, kNN, decision trees, random forests, and support vector machines are introduced. Enough time is spent on understanding the concept behind each algorithm and examples and case studies are provided.


Study Module:

This Machine Learning Specialist course is divided into following modules:

Module 1: Data Science with R

  • An Overview of Analytics and Data Science
  • Business Statistics and Application
  • An Introduction to R
  • Predictive Models and Machine Learning
  • Putting the Jigsaw Together

Module 2: Introduction to Machine Learning

  • Introduction
  • Regression Algorithms
  • Classifiers: Bayesian and kNN
  • Tree Based Algorithms
  • SVM and Improving Performance

Module 3: Random Forest

  • Single Decision Tree
  • Rise of Ensemble Method
  • Hands-on Session in R on Business Cases

Module 4: General Boosting & Bagging

  • Decision Tree Ensembles: Bagging and Boosting
  • Case Study: Analysis of Credit Data
  • Case Study: The Titanic Accident
  • Case Study: Comparing Alogrithms

Module 5: Support Vector Machines

  • Introduction to Support Vector Machines

Module 6: Neural Networks

  • Introduction to Artificial Neural Networks
  • A Detailed Look at Neural Networks
  • Demo Sessions

Module 7: Text Mining with R

  • Introduction to Text Mining
  • TM Packages in R
  • Regular Expressions
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Topic Modelling
  • Network Analysis
  • Clustering

Access Duration:

18 months
Students typically finish this in 17 weeks when they study 10 hours/week


Course Fee: 

Actual Fee: Rs. 1,06,375.00

Discounted Price: Rs. 45,425.00


What's Included: 


Pre-recorded video lectures

You get to view 100 hours of pre-recorded video lectures & 64 hours of pre-recorded classroom training, as many times as you wish to.

Jigsaw Learning Centre

Gain free access to a variety of supplemental resources like handouts, reference material, guides, lecture transcripts and student forums – for a period of 18 months.

Faculty Support

Get your doubts solved by the Jigsaw Faculty via email, phone or chat – for a period of 18 months.

Q&A Sessions

2 hours of sessions every month, conducted by analytics mentors to resolve your questions and doubts.

Jigsaw Lab

Access to a cloud-based solution, for hands-on experience with real-life business data using the latest analytical tools – for a period of 12 months.

Career Counseling

Avail professional guidance on resume building, interview preparation and identification of relevant opportunities, for the analytics field.


You Achieve:

After completing this specialization, you would have acquired skills in Machine Learning and you would be thoroughly ready for the promising Machine Learning job market.

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