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Program Overview:

You want to advance your career after the break but not sure where to start - This  4-week Program is an all in one accessible and innovative program that will give you the Headstart.

While you were away from your Career, the work world has changed. Valued job skills have shifted dramatically. Social media, Cloud, Canva, Google Docs & shared drives - These have made our life easy, but these tech tools can be confusing and overwhelming. The Restarter Program gives you exposure to latest workplace technologies, connects you to the Industry experts along with helping you Regain your confidence. We assist you in Reskilling, Reconnecting and hence Reclaiming your Career.


How does this program work?

  • This program gives you access to the modules on Creating a personal brand on Social Media, Leveraging Linkedin, Resume Templates, Interview tips, Confidence building, Latest Workplace Trends & Technologies. We bring you up to speed with the latest workplace trends.
  • During the 4 week program, we will schedule 4 meet-ups. During which we will enable your reskilling; identifying your strengths; learn current Job search strategies; and network with the Industry experts & mentors.
  • Life coaches will help you regain your confidence and transform you to the in-demand professional that you were before you took the break. We will help you understand your strengths and how you can overcome your internal barriers to accelerate your career growth.
  • During the Restarter Program, We will organize workshops for Resume Refresh and Interview Role-plays to help you overcome these hurdles. We equip you with the Restarter Tools and Provide effective strategies to make a smooth & sustainable comeback.
  • During the Group sessions, We invite Industry Experts as speakers. You’ll have opportunities to interact & network with them who could possibly be your mentors or perhaps employers in future.


What will I learn?

Week 1: Confidence and Courage

Women have to redefine confidence and understand that courage is the main ingredient for a successful comeback. This week Life Coaches work with the attendees to help you build the confidence and gain the courage to restart.

Week 2: Power Tools

The corporate world has changed since you took a break. This week we reintroduce the Technologies that are the must-haves. The attendees get hands-on experience in creating great presentations, Sharing via Google Docs & Drives, Using Apple Keynote, Stay organized with Evernote, Creating great designs using Canva and more!

Week 3: Job Search Strategies

This week focusses on Resume Refresh, Interview Skills, Leveraging Linkedin, Building a Personal Brand on Social Media and, how to position the experience you gained during your Career break.

Week 4: Networking & Ready to Restart

It’s time to put it all together! Speakers from Organizations who are willing to hire from our Talent Pool talk to the attendees and explain - what it takes to land a Job with them. This is the time you can put all your skills to action as these could be your future employers.


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