Social Media Marketing

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Social Media Marketing


Social media marketing for businesses and organizations is undoubtedly very important. It is one of the most crucial worldwide trend which helps businesses and organizations connect with their customers online.

Our online social media course covers the concepts and application of social media marketing and will equip you with the skills to plan and implement a successful social media marketing campaign.

Social Media Marketing course is designed for women who wish to learn more about social media marketing or to restart their career in the social media marketing arena while obtaining certification.


Upon completion of this course you will understand:

- Social Media & Social Media Marketing;

- How to plan a Social Media Marketing Strategy;

- Social Media Optimization & Tools;

- Virality on Social Media;

- Mobile Social Media and Business Potential;

- Social Media Analytics;

- Social Media Data Mining;

- Most Popular Social Sites;

- Social Media Management System

- Caveats of Social Media Marketing

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