Cuemath – Redefining the core of teacher-student bond

Cuemath – Redefining the core of teacher-student bond

The relationship between a teacher and a student goes beyond time. It is not a typical give and take relationship that loses its essence with the provocation of time or society. It is an all-time appreciated relationship that builds the future of a nation and Cuemath serves as a reputed platform that initiates and strengthens this relationship.

If we go back in time we would see how beautiful the Guru-shishya relationship was. Today, one may not even be surprised to notice that the majority of our Gurus i.e., teachers are women and not men. Not only have women filled men’s shoes but they have gone the extra mile to earn respect. They deserve it and never demand it.

Cuemath highly acknowledges this fact and collaborates with educated women to shape the undisputed world of Math. Essentially, Cuemath is an after-school tech-based Math program with a vision of to make every kid great at Math. It is a path that leads every kid to believe that Math is a simple road that needs to be traveled and not a strenuous mountain that needs to be climbed.


How Cuemath is achieving this vision?

Cuemath is succeeding with the continuous support and efforts of its Cuemath Teacher Partners who are regarded as CTPs. Cuemath believe that every single step has tremendous potential of bringing a useful transformation in every kid. They also believe that:

  • Math is not only useful but it is necessary
  • Understanding Math concepts drives kids to see life in a different light
  • Having the potential as well as tendency to be open to learning is a progress and is crucial
  • No child should be termed as strong or weak in Math. It is a way of life and every kid has his/her own way

Their beliefs together have the intention of building a Math foundation in kids right from the start. Cuemath’s study material and specially designed products integrate with the knowledge of CTPs to make this foundation strong.

  • Workbooks cover school math topics
  • Tab activities enhance mental aptitude
  • Puzzle cards improve creative reasoning

This way kids enjoy practicing Math rather than struggling with it. Moreover, their CTPs understand the importance of visualization of Math, which is why they partner with Cuemath.

Some may think that married women lead a restricted life because of their families and kids but CTPs prove them all wrong. CTPs are passionate women who shape young minds with their knowledge. They do not consider us as an option but an opportunity to lead a constructive life. They are simply redefining the concept of education and women empowerment, both at the same time and Cuemath takes pride in being a core part of it.

So to all the educated women out there who are drenched in talent, Cuemath welcome you to partner with them. All you have to do is work from home and share your knowledge and love for Math with young kids. And believe it or not, there is nothing more satisfying than enlightening a young mind. You could be the reason behind their smiles once they are successful in their lives. So to be that reason tomorrow, join Cuemath today!

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