How to become a CueMath Teacher

How to become a CueMath Teacher


Cuemath is a sophisticated after-school maths learning program for students from grades LKG through 8. Cuemath's concepts & curriculumn is designed by math, education and technology graduates from IIT, IIM, Stanford, Cambridge and Harvard.

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The math that kids are exposed to at school ends up making them indifferent to the subject and at times even makes them averse to it. The Cuemath Program brings out the true beauty of math by going beyond the school curriculum through innovative paper-based and online activities including mathematical puzzles and game-like skill levels.

So if you want to use your talent towards shaping the future of kids and making them fall in love with Math - Become a part of the growing Cuemath family. Apply Now to revolutionalize Math education in India.



As a Cuemath Teacher Partner, you will run a home-based Cuemath center and provide world-class math education to kids from KG to 8th grade. You get help at every step. You can expect:

  • Tech-enabled learning material is delivered at your doorstep
  • Teaching material will include workbooks, puzzle cards, starter kit
  • 100% Training & Marketing Support
  • Certification to get you started and build your credibility
  • Earning Potential of upto ₹50,000 pm





Step1: Complete the application form with your referral code as 'RESTART'

Step 2: Telephonic Interview for selected candidates

Step 3: Acceptance of The Invitation Letter

Step 4: Completion of Online Profile. you will receive this link after you accept the invitation letter.

Step 5: In-Person Evaluation

Step 6: Online Certification Training

Step 7: Payment of Setup Cost - begin your Cuemath Journey

Ready to be Teacher Partner at CUEMATH?

Use the Code RESTART and Apply Now!
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