How to become a Digital Marketer or Social Media Expert

How to become a Digital Marketer or Social Media Expert

Digital Marketer

Available Jobs
JobCurrently as an average we have around 1000 open jobs in Digital Marketing.

Starting Salary
rupee1600As a Digital Marketing Professional, you can expect a starting salary in the range of 25K to 50K.

Expected Average Salary
arrow_21-128 As an Industry average you can get a hike of 15% for next few years.

How to become Digital Marketer

Digital marketing is an exciting, fast-moving and creative sector. It is also an industry on the up as more and more businesses decide to invest more in digital. Companies are moving towards digital marketing and away from traditional marketing, and as the digital economy continues to grow fast.

Overall, digital marketing is a job where every day is different. The industry is changing all the time, meaning you will constantly be learning. This is a career with excellent long-term prospects and great flexibility.

What does Digital Marketing involve?
What are the requirements to become a Social Media Marketer?
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