The Imperfect Interview!!

The Imperfect Interview!!

The Imperfection of an Interview!!

The Recruitment Process involves a lot of steps. But the most engaging activity in the entire process of recruitment is an Interview. And, interviews have inherent flaws. Let's have a look at some of them:

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Interviewer Bias:
Open Study Courses researched the Interview of 20 candidates with two panels of interviewers. The Interviews very asked to rank the candidates. Only 2 out of 20 were ranked in the same spot by both the panels. 4 candidates who figured at the bottom of the list by one panel ended up among the top 10 on the other panel’s list.

Why did this happen? Interviewers subconsciously look for clones. It is natural to favor candidates with personalities, attitudes, values, and backgrounds closer to their own.

Miss out on Curious, Intelligent but Introvert candidates:
It is known that some candidates cannot perform well in interviews. We have worked with many candidates looking for jobs - who have brilliant hands-on skills but would be disastrous in an interview. They get anxious and perform worse. Remove the stress of being under an interviewer’s watchful gaze and you see the candidate’s true potential.

The entire setting is orchestrated:
All of us know that the entire interview process is rehearsed and acted out. Interviewers gear up to ask stellar questions and candidates prepare idealistic answers. Everything is a ruse. But, why assess on what they say when we can assess on what they do!

At Open Study Courses, we strongly believe interview should be combined with experiential evaluation. It not only provides rich fodder for the interview but enables you to assess on how a prospective employee would handle an issue/ escalation/ scenario.

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