Meet Manisha Singh – Your Restart Buddy

Meet Manisha Singh – Your Restart Buddy

Manisha is an Image Coach who loves working with women who are passionate about pursuing their goals and expressing what is best in them through their image. Having been through various phases of womanhood herself, she understands the challenges women face at each stage.

Manisha Singh

After graduating as an engineer, Manisha began her career in Information Technology. During her 13 year long career, she worked with IT companies like Wipro, Dell, IBM and Unisys. She has done a variety of roles like operations management, managing global service delivery for IT Helpdesks, managing client relations and people management. She is also a certified coach and has led a team of coaches – a role that she thoroughly enjoyed. All these roles she undertook were exciting and very satisfying, but deep down she had a feeling that her true calling lay elsewhere.

Life unfolded and a new phase began as Manisha stepped into motherhood. Like most new mothers, she came across several challenges. The biggest challenge being care for the baby while she was working. She felt there could be no substitute to her own care for the baby and decided to quit her full time job. During the days that followed, Manisha spent time contemplating and connecting with herself. She decided to squeeze out time to do things that she loved but didn’t have time to pursue during her working life. She founded her own blog called ColorNGlitter which hosts in depth reviews of cosmetics and skin care products. She also invested significant amount of time in reading about psychology behind self-image and the drive for success.

What interested Manisha the most was understanding what made certain people more successful and admired than others, why some people have more self-belief than the others and what are the crucial aspects of an individual’s image which can put one on the path of success. She grew more and more interested in image transformation and its role in one’s success in personal and professional life. This interest led her to formally study Image Consulting and set up her own practice of Image Consulting.

Some of us are blessed and intuitively know how to present the best version of ourselves. Others learn it over a period of time through self-discovery, while for the rest focused coaching can make a world of difference. Image coaching is all about creating powerful and authentic first impressions, creating the right kind of executive presence, mastering body language techniques to gain confidence, and looking your best always. These are skills which can be taught and acquired.

Manisha’s passion and purpose lie in helping individuals create a confident presence such that their inner strengths shine through. She believes that once we learn how to express what’s best in us through our image, we can create the life of our dreams because we then attract exactly what’s right for us. This happens because at a psychological level people react and respond to us based on the messages we send through our clothing, grooming and body language. It is clothing, grooming and body language that make or break our image. So once our Image is in alignment with who we are at the core, we are bound to attract all that is harmonious with our true selves and life begins to seem like a magical journey.

Immiraki, Manisha’s Consulting practice is born out of Manisha’s love for the art and science of Image Management. Immiraki is a coinage inspired by the words “Image” and “Meraki”. Meraki is a wonderful Greek expression which means “soul, creativity, or love put into something”. Through Immiraki, Manisha puts her heart, soul, creativity, love and passion into the transformational journey of discovering a unique and authentic image for her each of clients. This process of transformation is fascinating because it helps bring forth the true beauty and strength of an individual such that they put their best face forward every single day. Not just to be their best self for the world but more importantly to build a lifelong healthy relationship with oneself.

At Women Restart, Manisha conducts group coaching sessions & workshops around grooming and body language. These workshops will be highly beneficial if you..

  • Want to create a confident image of yourself while making a Career Comeback?
  • Want to come across as a confident professional ready to take on the new challenges?
  • Want to create powerful and authentic first impressions?
  • Want to master body language techniques to gain confidence, and always look your best?

Manisha conducted a workshop wth Women Restart on Sept 22, 2016- 'Creating an Unbeatable Professional Image'

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