How can a Mentor help in Restarting Career?

How can a Mentor help in Restarting Career?

Can Mentorship help if I am Restarting my Career after a Break?

Whether you are re-entering in your industry after a break or hoping to move to a new industry, mentorship from a professional mentor & coach can prove a major advantage. We have put together the reasons why getting mentorship from a MENTOR is the best bet! More so after a Career Break.



Practical help and advice

Many mentors are senior professionals with tremendous levels of experience, industry knowledge and insight. They are in an ideal position to help you understand your strengths, explore career options, push your boundaries and develop strategies on how to find job opportunities.

But bear in mind - Mentors are busy people, so don’t ask your mentor to answer vague questions – I completed my B.Sc. What can I do? You better as them very specific questions that lead you to a very specific action plan.

Your mentor will be able to spot things that you might find harder to assess: How to upsell your Career Break? Where have you undersold yourself? Have you demonstrated your strengths in your Resume?Are you giving enough evidence to showcase your accomplishments convincingly?

Once you get to the interview stage, some mentors will even offer you a mock interview, listen to your presentation or give you salary negotiation tips.

Read more about the top 10 questions where mentor can provide help.

More than just advice

As a Restarter, Mentors understand that you face a different set of challenges. The mentor will try to make the transition from SAHM to being employed, as smooth as possible. The Mentors will guide you about aspects of job search, such as CVs, interview techniques and anything they need help on & Beyond.

Honest feedback

One of the best things a mentor can give you is objective advice about how you are seen by others.

They can help you reflect on your strengths and offer a reality check, comparing your ambitions with what’s out there in your target sector. They can also give you an unbiased opinion about your actual and potential market reputation.”

Remember though, that what they say about you is one person’s opinion, and not the absolute truth. If you agree with what they say about you – brilliant, let it boost your confidence. If you don’t agree, decide what you want to take on board, and how you can address any shortcomings.

Where to find a mentor

LOOK NO FURTHER! We have a panel of Mentors on Board who feel strongly for Women Empowerment and they will do all it takes to Empower your Career.

Why you should get a mentor now

There’s no reason to wait until you are ready to move on to seek the advice of a mentor. In fact, developing a good relationship with a senior professional now, before you start actively looking for new opportunities, can pay dividends.

We at WomenRestart are fortunate to have Lalana Zaveri as our mentor. Under her mentorship and coaching, the restarters at WomenRestart will benefit profoundly. Read more about Lalana Zaveri.


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