Mom Blogger? You are Hired!

Mom Blogger? You are Hired!

Traditionally, mom bloggers were not a popular choice but that’s changing FAST. Brands are fast recognizing the value of mom bloggers and their huge online networks.

Women in India have created some fantastic blogs like... (Jene Sheeba),

Aha!NOW (Harleena Singh); (Nirmala Santhakumar); (Shraddha Sharma) (Malini Agarwal)

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The great thing about mom bloggers is their authenticity. 60% of them say they blog about brands they love or hate. Here we share a list of 5 things brands can gain from mom bloggers:

More Reach: Marketing isn’t about reaching the most people, it’s about reaching the right ones. Mom bloggers have a huge list of subscribers to their blogs, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ feeds. When brands work with bloggers they’re able to leverage those followers. This powerful audience expands the reach of brands and presents a new realm of potential customers.

Trust & Influence: Most moms have a list of blogs they read daily. Bloggers have a loyal group of followers because moms have credibility amongst each other. As a result, mom bloggers hold an immense amount of influence among moms because they’ve developed a trust with their readers that brands might not necessarily have formed yet. Brands can leverage that influence when bloggers contribute to the brand’s blog or social media content.

Engagement: They encourage engagement with customers in a way that brands can’t always do because blogs already have consistent users who engage with the content. It’s easy for mom bloggers to promote a brand to many people at a given time through polls, contests, and other engaging elements. Companies will increase brand engagement if they leverage users’ engagement through influential bloggers.

Convenience: They are editors, influencers, and entrepreneurs. To cut a deal with them is much easier than to make an agreement with another company. With mom bloggers, brands don’t deal with typical corporate hassles like being slowed down by boardrooms and committees. Mom bloggers usually have a set rate for specific campaigns, such as a sponsored post. They also often agree to post a review free of charge if they can test the product for free, like the ability to drive a car for a week. Moms easily pitch and review products for any brand they believe in and brands don’t have to manage the hassles that usually accompany other deals.

Resources: Rather than use the time of internal employees for content or rely on endorsed marketing that is usually overpriced and lack authenticity, mom bloggers are a great resource because they have the knowledge and time to write relevant content and reviews for your audience. Mom bloggers provide content through their social media feeds and other means like pictures, videos, and graphs in a way that doesn’t scream “buy me” like some blogs do.

Consumers place trust in them and their loyal band of followers. There’s a huge opportunity for brands to utilize these women as advertisers and promoters of their products. Mom bloggers provide value to brands and consumers, and their value is only increasing.

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Happy Blogging!


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