Restart Ready Program

The 'Restart Ready Program' is an 4-week online program focused on providing the tools and support needed to enable personal discovery, get self-confident, understand the job search skills & re-claim your career.

Guided by a 'Restart coach' you will build confidence and hone critical interpersonal skills. You will build on your natural strengths, improve self-confidence, and expand your chances of a career comeback.

The Restart Ready program will help you learn from the success and challenges of other women returnees who made a comeback. Apart from regaining your confidence, you will also learn the right Job Search Techniques - Resume Refresh, Linkedin Profile tips and Interview Practice.

One to One sessions with your coach will open you up to possibilities, help you face fears, break the barriers and help you embrace learning again. This 'Restart Ready' program will help you shift the way you engage with the world, opening your eyes to new ideas and behaviors, thus making you more receptive to accept behaviour of your new colleagues.

This  4-week Program is an all in one accessible, innovative online program and includes 2 one to one sessions with your Restart Coach.

Course Syllabus:


Week 1: Prepare to Restart

This module focuses on helping you discover who you are today and understanding how you could be stopping yourself to relaunch and reinvent. Knowing who you are is the first step to understanding and obtaining the right career for you.

  • Where are you going? What do you want to do? Why?
  • Who are you? What drives you?
  • What is holding you back? Are you limiting yourself?
  • What are the biggest hurdles before you?
  • What is your true value?
  • What does it really take to change?
  • How can you regain your confidence?


Week 2: Identify the Gap and fill it

This module focuses on helping you build the skills that employers want today.

  • What has changed in the workforce during the time you were away?
  • What do you need to do to succeed?
  • What are the skills employers look for most and how can you demonstrate them?
  • How do you engage with others?
  • How to network with purpose?
  • How to improve your communication with Organizations, Interviewers, Peers and even your Team at Home.


Week 3: Job Search Techniques

This module focuses on the job search skills, but with a twist. What tactics, tools and tricks can you use to help break through biases and get in front of the right people?

  • Creating a LinkedIn profile that speaks to the right people
  • Shifting your language so you will be heard
  • Cutting through the formalities to get to the real conversations
  • Exploring how to set yourself apart from the crowd
  • How do you sell you?


Week 4: Strategic Restart Action Plan

It’s time to put it all together! During the final lesson, you’ll lay the groundwork for your future success by writing your own Strategic Action Plan that incorporates all the Power Tools and skills you’ve picked up throughout the course. You’ll also receive advice on strengthening your plan from your Restart Coach during your one to one session.


So, Ready to take on the world? Let's get started!

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