Meet Sheetal Arora – Your Restart Buddy

Meet Sheetal Arora – Your Restart Buddy

Founder & CEO of Women Restart - Sheetal Arora at 36, is a mother, a wife, a daughter, a sister and a very passionate, dedicated and committed professional. Apart from wearing multiple hats at home and work, the causes that are very close to her heart are - Female Participation in Workforce and Entrepreneurship.


Return After Career Break

Sheetal herself has seen several highs and lows while setting up a successful career for herself. After working in Business Development and Training with companies like Just Dial, EXL, Patni & iGate, she took a couple of Career Breaks due to Maternity and Relocation.


She co-founded a Distance Learning company in in the UK in 2010. The company eDistance Learning & UK Learning College has now been running successfully for the last six years. Around the same time, the family had to move to India, and Sheetal continued to manage operations remotely. “The role was challenging, exciting and rewarding at the same time. And it did not conflict with ‘me time’ and ‘my family time’. I could not have wanted more. But then there were friends who had to give up their professional identity to raise their children. Why were they not resuming their career when the kids were off to school?”


When sharing her restart story with friends, they all had similar reactions - They wanted meaningful work, but didn’t know how to find it; Where to start after so many years away from the workforce? Things have changed; Am I wanted back in the workforce?; My skills are completely outdated, but I have a wealth of knowledge. How do I showcase them?


After some detailed research and study, she found out that an average woman faced numerous challenges while restarting their career. There was a very small percentage of women rejoining work after maternity. Even for the one’s that took the leap, It was a rocky ride! The restart was definitely not a smooth & a sustainable one. It was then that Sheetal decided to move to a less demanding role in the startups she had co-founded in the UK. She founded Women Restart to create a support system around talented women professionals who wanted to return to their career after a break. Women Restart was formed with the vision of putting together a supportive platform for women professionals.


What does Women Restart do?

Women Restart helps career oriented, talented women professionals returning to the workforce. This is achieved in a 4 step approach – Job Readiness Assessment to ensure that Restarters are ready to make the big change; Gain Confidence and renew self-esteem through our innovative Restarter Program; Acquire new skills and learn latest trends & technology via our Skill Development Courses; Hiring Initiatives with Employers who wish to engage with this untapped pool of exceptional talent and experience. You can Create your Profile to find the perfect match. Women Restart ensures that your return to the workforce is smooth and sustainable.


The most commonly asked question on our Platform is - Where do I start? So we devised a 5 Step Guide to Restart Success


Women Restart is committed to putting Women Careers back on track. It’s free to Create an account on Women Restart and there are lots of free resources that can accelerate your Career Comeback. We hold regular events, We host Restarter Circles which are small groups of eight to twelve women restarters who meet a career coach or a mentor focusing on career assessment or job search tactics. You can stay up to date about our next meet-up by subscribing to our newsletter or liking our Facebook Page.


We support you in your Restart 100%. Take the leap and we have your back. Happy Restarting!

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