Thinking about Second Career?

Thinking about Second Career?

If you’ve taken a Career break and are thinking about a career change, you’re not alone. Nowadays, after a break, it’s very common for women to have a Second career. After speaking to several women, we figured that they prefer a career opportunity that has ‘family friendly’ working hours, better work-life integration, career enablers and support systems.

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Still, you might be wondering if you can afford to. Maybe you have bought a house, or you plan to buy one. Maybe you’ve started a family, or you wish to. Even if you are not happy with your current career, you might think that it’s easier to continue with it.

But what if you could find a Career that allows you to have it all? Are there careers similar to your current job or pays more but would be more satisfactory? Now it's time to take a look at your career aspirations, skills and explore new career options.

Mid-career changes have its advantage. People who are seasoned job changers know about their values. What’s important to you? Where do you find joy? If you are looking for financial stability, then you may have to dig deeper to find a career.

If you explore various options and do a good research with job opportunities, you are more likely to identify work that both pays well and also brings you satisfaction.

The research indicates - You are going to do better and be more successful in your career when you get something that you are good at and which matches your goals and your values.

As you begin exploring Second career options, think if you might need any additional training and education. In some cases, another degree might not be needed. Some people may just have to take a course or two. Others might sign up for a certificate program or a refresher course. The working culture around us is changing very fast and its important for women restarters to also keep up with those changes. So, How to reinvent in this changing time?

So if you are looking for Technical work, exploring work from Home options, Returning to the workforce, looking for Flexi Careers or want to start your own business; We will assist. Read on - How to Restart your career after a break?

Many of us still have this question - Are we wanted back by employers. During some of our discussion with prospective employers, it is quite evident that even companies are looking for more Women Restarters as they bring great Value to work. Read more about Are you really Wanted Back?

Women Restart is a support platform for Women wanting to restart their Career after a break or considering a Career change. If you are looking to upgrade your skills, make yourselves Job Ready and Employable. We offer Online Diploma, Certificate and Refresher Courses in several successful Careers. We also connect you to Internships & Live Projects; eventually linking you to Employment. If however, you are unsure about Restarting your Career, Take our Job Readiness Assessment .

Here are our top five career recommendations that pay well but which you may have not considered. As you start to think about your goals and skills, consider whether one of these given options might work for you.

5 Good paying Second Career Options:

Project Management Office:

Are you good at getting things done? Are you organized in your work? Do you work well with people? Then explore project management. You might already be managing projects in your current job without being paid for it. By obtaining project management certification, you not only can gain credibility and get higher pay, but you also might be able to find your next job. Project management is a great skill to add if you are looking to advance your career. People are required to manage Project all the time without having the skills to succeed. Enrolling on a project management certification will be a good value add.

Content Writer/Blogger:

Content writers are professional writers who produce interesting content for use over the Internet. Some Content Writers write articles for e-magazines, corporate blogs, and other such places on the web. Read more about content writing as a career.

HR Recruiter:

Many Women Restarters choose Recruitment as it that provides great work flexibility. We have put together a Guide to help you achieve your full potential in life by helping you to gain the required attributes, skills and qualifications that you need to reach the top of the chosen career or profession. Read more about HR Recruiter Career.

App Development:

If you like math, computers and solving problems, then consider App development or programming. Even if you don't have a degree in computer science, you may still be able to work in the field. You might need to enroll in a certificate program or take a few courses to gain credibility.

Starting your Own Business:

If you want to have a successful career after a break - You should either be a superwoman, ultra rich or an ENTREPRENEUR. Do read more about Starting your own business

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