Skills required to be a Recruiter

Skills required to be a Recruiter

If you’ve spent a lot of time on the job market, you’ve probably come across Recruiters and perhaps even thought, “It must be nice to be the one who interviews the candidates instead of being the one interviewed for a job.”

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So, what’s the nitty-gritty of a recruiter job? Do you have the right personality and skills to become one yourself? Read on to find out.

1. Are you a good Communicator?

You have to have great communication skills and speak with conviction when selling your jobs to candidates. To be the tenth recruiter calling a candidate in one week is not going to get you far. It really requires you to stand out so that they take the time to hear you out. Your ability to create relationships with everyone in the market is crucial, just like in any service sales job.

2. Salesperson at the Core!

Can you sell sand in the Sahara? and snow to an Eskimo? The ability to present opportunities to the candidates and vice versa in the best light is critical to success; placements do not happen by themselves and sales skills are the most important key to success.

3. Self Motivated and an Ability to bounce back

Are you a constant happy camper? A positive attitude is required to get you through those dark days when neither client nor candidate is working out. Do not be afraid of rejection, you will notice that for every Yes you will get five No. This is a numbers game and it will pay off with persistence.

4. Match maker

Ever set up blind dates for friends? To be successful at recruitment you have to be a good matchmaker. You have to be solution oriented and understand your marketplace. You should have the ability to spot opportunities for making placements before the client, candidate and competitors have realised it.

5. Tech Savvy

A good recruiter is always tech savvy and understands social media on tips. The successful recruiter has to be comfortable with candidate tracking systems, job sites, online networking platforms and other technology. Candidates are all over LinkedIn so it’s about being one step ahead.

6. A lil bit Crazy!

Chasing people that don’t want to speak with you day in and out does require some degree of madness, no matter how positive you stay. There might be lots of cash to be made in recruitment but be under no illusions that it’s easy money.

While you can train a good recruiter to become a great recruiter, the initial building blocks need to be there for that person to cut it in recruiting for the long term. Without passion and an ambitious attitude, most people get frustrated with the job and give up. There’s a reason the industry has such a high turnover rate – fresh recruiters just don’t last. It takes a special and unique kind of person to succeed in recruiting.

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