Vijji- The Coach, Storyteller, Entrepreneur and a Restarter

Vijji- The Coach, Storyteller, Entrepreneur and a Restarter

Vijayalakshmi Chari, Vijji as we lovingly call her has a vast experience in diverse domains. She wears multiple hats – an executive coach, facilitator, storyteller and entrepreneur. She has over 17 years of experience in the Leadership Development with  organizations like Navgati, Infosys and T V Rao Learning Systems (TVRLS). Her work in leadership development has been through training, assessment centres, 360 degree feedback and coaching. A recent area that she has added to her portfolio is Diversity and Inclusion, both research and using theatre based methodologies to enable organizations build a more inclusive culture.

Vijji Chari


Her own journey in uncovering her vocation has led her to several interesting professional adventures– be it working with youth from disadvantaged backgrounds, to setting up ‘Magic Puddles’, a school that promotes ‘learning without fear’ in Bangalore and the most recent one – “By the River” an initiative that takes the joy of listening to stories to adult groups. Her deep commitment to uncovering her own creative potential has helped her hold and facilitate reflective learning spaces specially for women to connect with personal leadership.


Vijji believes that her willingness to challenge her own personal boundaries, being able to nurture ideas and being in touch with her own creative energies help her be a potent and compassionate coach. “Trust your life experience and just SHOW UP!” is her mantra to all the people she supports through her work. With Women Restart, she hopes to inspire Women Restarters rediscover their strengths and 'Find their true Calling'


With Women Restart, she helps talented women to Restart their Career. Under her mentorship and coaching, the restarters at WomenRestart will benefit profoundly. She will help the Women restarters in the following aspects:

  • Finding your Purpose
  • Define and Push Boundaries
  • Identify One's Strengths
  • Telling your Story


Vijji conducted a mentoring session with Women Restart on the 4th June 2016, Saturday. Ask her a question today about Finding your True Purpose. Tag @Women Restart and ask your Question in the comments below.




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