What is holding women back to restart in Tech

Why are Women underrepresented at all levels of technology firms?

Technology careers are interesting, women are great at it, and they get to work alongside extraordinary men and women. It all sounds great on paper by then why are women underrepresented in Technology firms?

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We spoke to our users and there were some extra ordinary finds. Surprisingly, plenty of these women also believe that their gender is holding them back at work. Let's find out how much of this is true?

We asked women who drop out of their Careers at the peak - What made them make the tough choice of dropping out?

  1. Juggling Work Life Balance
  2. Lack of Professional Development
  3. Lack of Clear Career path in the Organization
  4. Inequality in Pay
  5. Lack of Mentor or a Role Model
  6. Maternity affects your growth prospects
  7. Family is financially stable - No need to work
  8. Internal Barriers

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