How can SAHM make money from blogging

How can SAHM make money from blogging

Now that you have been Blogging for some time, and have some fan-following - Its time to monetize it. Hopefully you are blogging about the things that you are passionate about as well as trying to solve the problem of your readers.
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It is important that you select ways to make money which suit your taste as well as that of your readers. If you just focus on making money and not on reader's choice then it might leads you losing your reader base. The beauty of making money through content writing is that there are many ways through which a content writer can make money. Many bloggers uses multiple income stream as even a small amount coming from multiple sources could add up for a fortune.

Ways of making money through Blogs:

1. Using Advertisement through adnetwork - Advertising on blog is same as of displaying ad images in a magazine. Whenever you visit any blog or website you find ads on side bars or headers and footers. There are many adnetworks (e.g adsense) which helps in connecting publishers and advertiser. They act as a middle man and take commission out of the income. For the bloggers who are planning to use the advertising as source of money can start with this as does not require any infrastructure to start with
2. Direct Advertising - No doubt AdSense is best advertisement program for bloggers but again it has some limitations e.g you will not get paid 100% from advertisers and AdSense keep a great cut in between. If you do manage to grab direct advertisements, replace AdSense with direct advertisements. Direct Advertising is same like any other ads that we see every day. Direct advertising is used when an online product retailer believes your site can generate relevant traffic for his products. The key advantage of this marketing is that you don`t need to pay any money to advertising networks.
3. Affiliate Marketing - In Affiliate Marketing, you recommend your registered users to buy an online product. You receive your commission when referred web user buys that product. Affiliate marketing is one of quickest and cheapest ways of making the money online as you need not to create any product. The important part of this marketing strategy is to track the record of traffic and sales.
This is done with the help of a tracking URL which is given by the product company. Some companies even provide the Affiliate ID which helps them to track the sales. There are many companies who offers affiliate program. Once you signup with them they provide the unique tracking link. Most used programs under affiliate marketing are Pay per Sale, Pay per Click  & Pay per Lead
4. Paid Reviews: Paid reviews are again a great way to boost your monthly income report. You can quickly make anything above 10$ for a small review post. Writing a sponsored post means you work with a company and write a post about their product or service. You share your feedback our views about their product. You are required to write informative reviews of their products, services and websites – and post them on your blogs!
5. Sponsored posts: Sponsored posts mean you write a post about the product or services of a company. This is generally done as a freelancer but some companies prefer to employ only for sponsored post. It is always a good practice to be truthful with your readers and tell them clearly about what’s your interest in product. This build trusts with your readers and helps in building your brand image too!
6. eCourses/Webinars/Online Workshops -Once you have written well about something and have learning’s and opinions that you can share - You could do all sorts of things like eCourses, Webinars, Online Workshops etc. You wouldn’t have to go big the first time around. Test the waters by holding a small, local event first. Grow bigger as you learn the tricks of the trade. Simply pick something you’re good at that other people want to know and teach it! Do it once or twice to refine your presentation and then start charging a small fee to those who want to take your class.
7. Books - Many bloggers have written books too. There are many authors making a lot of money by selling their books which are traditionally published. Now days many publishers have become so picky that they review your blogs before accepting your script for a book. For Bloggers, it’s easier to create Book by using your existing blog content. All you need to do is, pick a topic, compile a script on that topic and approach publisher.
8. Offering Services - Offering services in content writing domain in generally taken as free lancing assignments. You can use your skills (e.g. expertise of SEO, Virtual assistance etc) an sell it on internet. You need to make your website, provide services pricing details and you are ready to go. You can learn more about how to start your own business.
There are many more ways to make money through this medium. A content writer needs to ensure she understands the needs of her readers and select the combinations of streams. To learn more about how to make money through content writing please enrol on our FREE Online course on content writing basics.

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