Women who are being ‘Bold for Change’

Women who are being ‘Bold for Change’


This International Women’s Day women talk about what matters the most to them.


As every year, It was that time when Women were pampered with irresistible discounts and sale on the best brands. Companies celebrate the Women at work and events are held to make us feel special. Well, no complaints there – but Do we want more?


This year’s theme for Women’s day was #BeBoldForChange. Women Restart spoke to some entrepreneurs, technologists, mothers, leaders, and professionals about what #BeBoldForChange means to them and what changes would they expect to see around them this Women’s Day. So many voices, each with a story to tell. In this multiplicity of voices, we found one thing in common. Women have incredible strength  and self-belief. Get inspired by some of the opinions...






When faced with a situation we always have some questions about it. These questions make a strong foundation for our decisions. According to Neeraja Ganesh, Director CapGemini, changing the questions can help immensely by a definite change in direction of our thoughts. What a wonderful idea it is to put in action immediately and let the world around us mirror our thoughts.












Shalini Nautiyal has worn multiple hats. She been an Entrepreneur, a professional, a mother. She has been experimenting at every stage. Shalini shared how important it is to come out of the comfort zone. The inertia of comfort zone can literally stop us from trying something new which can be life changing.












Sukanya Mishra complimented that thought and stressed upon not letting any obstacle stop your dreams. Women in general are faced with many dilemmas and letting a very conquerable thing like comfort zone in way of achieving what you want in life just sounds unfair. We can do better than that.












For every woman the definition of being bold is different and for Swarnambiga it is to inspire her child. The drive to do something better for her child is what inspires her to take bold steps and make changes in her life.












As a woman, we are often bound and recognized by certain stereotypes. Aparna Sanjay, Executive Director, Social Venture Partners is a woman with the plan to not only work towards breaking these stereotypes but help other women do it as well. She is passionate about helping women develop professionally and is committed to work in this direction every day.













We all have a strong desire to be happy and happiness turns out to be like a butterfly who keeps flying away every time you are near but comes back to sit on your shoulder when you concentrate on other things.  Anju Jayaram shares her views on independence and happiness.










Every story has a theme and a lot of women choose to see themselves as a victim in their own story. It not only harms their emotional well-being but it takes a major toll on their life and personality. Aparna Athreya suggest to find your courage to face life head-on and watch your story change.













In every community, the sense of collectiveness and collaborative growth is what makes it stronger and viable. Bhavna Toor suggests to follow the same principles of collective growth for all the women to grow and prosper.












The perceptions, the prejudice and the assumptions, all these are major factors when we are faced with a challenge. We can either give-in to these and come up with excuses or change the status  quo and touch the sky and that’s exactly what Ira Gilani Lal recommends.












Our traditions are there as cultural guidelines and most of them are well-reasoned and respected even now, but what if they become shackles instead of ladder? Lalana Zaveri has the answer for this dilemma we all face at some point in our lives.












Reena Alex believes in the guiding power of dreams and we all have heard and seen so many examples of people following their dreams at different ages. They say the timeline in your story is different from the other person’s so if it feels right time, just do it.













Roshni Mukherjee’s story is inspiring in itself. A women of talent and cause to resign from her job and work on her dream, now that’s Bold.
















Sheetal Arora has been working with women for a long time now and her belief in the strength of collective work is what keeps her going. The dream of helping women to achieve their professional goals is just one of things to make them realize their power.













Shilpi is a supporter of women who face their struggles and come out victorious with their head held high and broad smiles.












Enough is an interesting word. When something is enough for us is a very personal measure. Smriti Chawla shares some of her measures of enough.












We focus on the world around us, but not that much on ourselves, ask any woman, it is the same story with most of us. Being in fashion industry, Srijata Bhatnagar believes in uniqueness of each individual and has some of her bold views to share with all of us.












Time changes and evolves and it is in our nature to evolve with time to survive. So why not do that for our professional lives? That’s one of the question Subha’s views pose to us, what are you doing to evolve in your career now.















Red Bindi, Red saree, Red lipstick... Sounds familiar? This is the stereotype we have in our society for a happy woman. Suriya believes in challenging the stereotypes while maintaining the inner strength of character.










Remember telling yourself every morning what is wrong with your body or weight or face? For some women it is a constant nag in their head. Tarundeep recommends to change the nag in to a positive affirmation to see your true potential realised.













You can either find a way or an excuse. Tina Rajpal, being a mompreneur has very bold and straight forward views.













Sometimes what one leap of faith can do for us cannot even be described in words. Vaishali shares her philosophy on writing the new story and re-writing her life.










These were just some of the views but it is very clear that women in today’s era expect and deserve more than the empty gestures of salute we get these days. The need of basic gender equality, breaking the stereotypes and growing personally and professionally is strong and it will do us much good to shower our women with these presents. After all, we deserve it!

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