Women’s Web Believes In the Power of Words

Women’s Web Believes In the Power of Words

The journey of Women’s Web started 6 years ago with a simple idea of creating a magazine for women that helped them tell their own stories, whether at work or on the personal front, whether good, bad or ugly.


The need for an alternative arose because of a need I felt as a reader myself. When I started Women’s Web there wasn’t a dearth of women magazines, but what was conspicuously missing from these magazines was the lives of women beyond the realms of fashion & beauty.


I have been writing since I was 10 years old and have always believed that ideas and conversations have that power to usher in change. Through Women’s Web I wanted to bring in that change by encouraging women to focus on self-development, support each other in their work by peer mentorship and encourage mutual development and growth.

It has been a long journey for us at Women’s Web but we have moved with the ebbs and flows of the journey and have built up a community of over 6 million readers and writers who contribute high-quality stories every day, each dealing with topics that are relevant to women’s lives.

At Women’s Web we also encourage our writers to broaden their horizons and widen their scope of writing by offering them internships. The idea behind our internship programme is helping writers to learn to write stories of many different types, (for e.g. features, interviews, curations, listicles) and grow their skills. The internship programme also exposes our writers to a gamut of topics that need addressing, from entrepreneurship and start-ups to relationship dilemmas and social changes.

There are many women who give up a corporate career for personal reasons. Such internship opportunities help in upscaling their skill-sets and be in sync with the job market that might have gone through a sea change during their period of absence. The programmes give them the opportunity to come back to the main stream work force by offering them relevant knowledge and credible work experience.

Content writing gives women who are opting for flexible roles a great opportunity to stay in the game in their chosen arenas. It is said that content is king and context is queen hence if you have the context, this might be the role for you.

By Aparna Vedapuri Singh

Aparna V. Singh is the Founder Editor of Women’s Web an online media company and a much loved and applauded platform for women in India.

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