Write, Write, Write and Write some more..

Write, Write, Write and Write some more..

 A Fiction writing course can lead to an array of opportunities. You just can’t beat the feeling of seeing your work in print and having it read by many.

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Every day someone is writing the articles, blogs, websites, film and TV scripts, business documents, press releases, poems and books we all read. Who writes all this stuff? Copywriters, creative writers, novelists and journalists.

And guest what? You could potentially make a career out of being creative and having your chance to share your creativity with the world.

Why Fiction Writing?

Fiction writing is creating a whole parallel universe to explore featuring a bunch of characters and a plot to get completely lost in.

Nothing beats that exhilarating feeling of having someone read and enjoy a story that you were responsible for creating.

Our Fiction Writing course at Women Restart is multi-faceted and will teach you how to learn this exciting craft and polish your skills to perfection.

Whether you’re serious about becoming a writer and aspiring to get published, or this is just a hobby, then our courses are well worth checking out.

Fiction Writing as a Career?

Then why not become a qualified writer and take one of our distance learning writing courses. With a qualification in copywriting, creative writing or journalism you’ll be able to follow your dream of becoming a writer. Or perhaps you have an eye for detail and would like to become a proofreader or copy editor.

We have a range of distance learning writing courses that will show you how to write and how to get published, for example freelance journalism, novel writing, business writing, editing and proofreading and writing short stories. See our Journalism, Fiction Writing and Media Study Courses that you can do online.


Why a distance learning writing qualification?

Because with distance learning you can study to be a writer in the comfort of your own home and when it suits you. You may be a night owl whose pens flows after midnight, or you might prefer to write your creative masterpieces in the early morning. The beauty of learning how to write a book, website or magazine article with distance learning is you can study around your current commitments. You may have a full time job and want to become a writer to supplement your income, or you may have decided to become a full time writer.

Whatever the reason, once you have your writing qualification you’ll be able to apply for all kinds of writing jobs.

Call us today to discuss the options.

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